Andrew Alorro

Andrew AlorroAndrew Alorro the darling of Tease Salon feels the same way about all of his clients, which range from celebrities like Celine Dion, Joan Rivers, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Rick James to Fort Lauderdale locals. In fact, the Key West-born stylist looks at each head of hair as a progressive work of art.

It all started in Key West where Alorro grew up surrounded by paintings, sculpture, crafts and fabrics. “I developed a fascination for art early on,” says Alorro. “And once I knew I wanted to become an artist, I jumped into the hair end of the creative business. It seemed right for me.”

Hair, as opposed to other mediums, caught his eye early on for a curious reason. Alorro’s mother came home one day with a beehive haircut, which metaphorically hit the young boy over the head. “I always knew there was art associated with fixing someone’s hair,” Alorro recalls. “I also knew that I had a God given talent, and I needed to utilize it.” With so many tourists in Key West, he had the chance to see all sorts of styles from every state and from many foreign countries.

“My first creative hair experience was actually done on my mother,” he laughs. “I remember the first words out of her mouth were, ‘you did this to me on purpose!’”

“That was my first lesson in the beauty business,” he continues. “What I liked didn’t necessarily end up being what she liked. I learned a very important lesson: my function was to make people happy. When you serve people, they must leave feeling more beautiful than they did when they came in or it was not a successful treatment.”

By age 18, he decided to travel to New York through the snow and ice to seek his education and learn all he could about his chosen profession.

He landed a job working for a small company selling hair-cutting books. One day, while demonstrating a haircut he was stopped by a man that seemed to appreciate his work. “I had no idea who it was,” Alorro recalls. “Little did I know that he was one of the most influential men in my business. His name was Paul Mitchell.”

Not long after that encounter, Alorro was offered a job with Mitchell. Over the years he has studied everything he needed to know to grow into the artist/ hair stylist he is today.

One thought on “Andrew Alorro

  1. steve rodriguez
    June 28, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Man I hope you are doing well Andy. I just heard the news that Tony Sac had passed away & thought of you. Last time I talked to him when I was in Key West a few years ago we talked for hours. I asked about you & he told me you were doing well. Tony had just gone to 1976 reunion last weekend. R.i.p. Tony.

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